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Applied Kinesiology

Often called biomechanics in the medical world, kinesiology can be defined as the study of body movements. Applied Kinesiology(AK) is a method of diagnosing and treating pain and discomfort, based on the study of muscle testing. Certain muscle groups are linked to certain organs of the body, this is learned in embryology.

Knowing the Basics

The whole concept was first introduced by Michigan-based chiropractic expert, Dr. George Goodheart, Jr. He had written about the idea in the 1960s. In current day and time, most of the experts who deal with this form of treatment are chiropractors. One must learn AK as a separate branch of study, usually at the post-graduate level.

In the allopathic world, the effectiveness of AK hasn’t gained much traction as the scientific literature is lacking. That said, thousands have benefitted from AK, including several Olympians and professional athletes (ie. NBA, NFL, NHL) that Dr. Goodheart and many other AK practitioners have treated over the years.

Appointment with an Expert

AK practitioners generally start with your history, followed by an evaluation and necessary diagnostics before beginning any procedures. The procedures can relate to reflexes, balance and skin sensitivity and muscles, just to mention a few.

If you have questions about AK, feel free to visit rehabFX. At our clinic, we use it as a primary feedback mechanism to determine your progress.

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