Recover Faster from that Injury with Chiropractic Care

Posted On February 17, 2017 by Admin
Chiropractic Care for Injuries

Millions of people around the world rely on chiropractors for back pain relief. Apart from basic back and neck pain, chiropractic care is extensively used for injuries. There are direct benefits of chiropractic treatment for common sports injuries, which is the precise reason why chiropractors are hired by sports teams.

Can Chiropractic Care Work for Sports Injuries?

Posted On February 10, 2017 by Admin
Sports Medicine Chiropractor

Most people think that visiting a chiropractor is about treating back and neck pain. While these are some of the common reasons, the benefits of chiropractic care also extend to the field of sports. In this post, we will explain the benefits of chiropractic care for sports injuries.

Keep Reading for Important Facts About ARP Therapy

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Accelerated Recovery Performance

ARP stands for Accelerated Recovery Performance. It works on the principle that after an injury, muscle groups aren't absorbing adequate force, scar tissue may be forming-which can shorten muscle length and the “nervous connection” leading to that area may not be optimal. With ARP, the focus is not on the injury, but on the healing of these muscles, tendons and ligaments, so that you can recover from this injury on your own.

Concentration On Better Healing With Chiropractic Care

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Austin Wellness Chiropractic

Millions of people around the world rely on chiropractic care for better healing. In fact, it is one of the most expanding choices of musculoskeletal rehabilitative treatment in the US for acute neck and low back pain.

Understanding The Need for Chiropractors When It Comes to Sports Injuries

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Chiropractic Sports Medicine

An athlete’s routine (especially a pro-athlete) is anything but normal or average. Apart from the rigorous practice sessions, athletes often have to undergo extreme training, which can induce aches and pain.

Benefits Of Chiropractic Care Beyond Back Pain

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Austin Wellness Chiropractic

A lot has been written about chiropractic care, and if the numbers are correct, over 22 million Americans use chiropractic to address and treatchronic conditions, such as back pain. However, the use of chiropractic care isn’t limited to acute neck and back pain. In this post, we will talk of the other known benefits of chiropractors and their services.

The Role a Chiropractor Plays On a Professional, Collegiate or High School Team

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Sports Medicine Chiropractor

Over 22 million Americans use chiropractic care for various conditions, especially for chronic back pain and sports injuries. But did you know there are chiropractors that also work with professional, collegiate and high school teams helping the young athletes with their injuries? Let’s talk about the importance of chiropractic in the professional sports arena.

20 Questions a Patient Must Ask a Chiropractor

Posted On December 29, 2016 by Admin
Chiropractors in Austin Tx

As a patient, your first visit to the chiropractor might feel uneasy. In this post, we will discuss 20 questions that must be asked before starting with treatment session.

Things That Matter Most for Great Chiropractic Care

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Austin Wellness Chiropractic

One of the best things about chiropractic care is that it can get rid of the dependency on drugs and expensive surgeries. We all know the cost of these treatments, and at times, they may be necessary.

Knowing Applied Kinesiology - Things That Matter!

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Applied Kinesiology

Often called biomechanics in the medical world, kinesiology can be defined as the study of body movements. Applied Kinesiology(AK) is a method of diagnosing and treating pain and discomfort, based on the study of muscle testing. Certain muscle groups are linked to certain organs of the body, this is learned in embryology.