Treating with a Running Chiropractor for Physical Fitness

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Running is undoubtedly one of the easiest ways to stay fit and in shape. Besides losing weight, running is a great form of cardiovascular exercise. While the benefits are known to the world, running has its share of disadvantages, as well. It can cause a number of injuries, especially for frequent runners, such as hip, knee, ankle, foot and for some neck and low back pain. Apart from ankle sprains and pain in hips, running can put significant pressure on the knees and can also lead to tendonitis, known as Runner’s Knee. If you are a frequent runner, the first thing you need is a great pair of supportive running shoes, and it is also advisable that you visit a chiropractor.

Visiting Running Chiropractors

Running chiropractors, as the name suggests, understand the common injuries and concerns related to running and offer a comprehensive approach to the problem. There are primary benefits to working with a chiropractor.

1. Improved Running Efficiency

Running chiropractors will evaluate you first to determine if they can help you obtain your treatment goals. This evaluation might include performing a bone length study to determine leg length inequalities and performing a laser foot scan to determine if the 3 arches in your feet are pronating, over-supinating or neutral. Additionally, they will determine if the 26 bones in your feet are functioning properly. They do all of this because just like the 4 tires on your car, if they are not properly aligned, your car will not be very efficient and those tires will wear down prematurely.

2. Reduce Time for Healing

As mentioned earlier, runners deal with injuries on a regular basis, and in many cases, the healing period can last for weeks or even months. A serious injury might keep you off the track, and you might be worried about losing your stamina. With chiropractic, there is potential for quick healing. A running chiropractor will offer the right mix of therapy and alternative form of treatment to better your physical fitness in a short period.

3. Fewer Injuries

Sports teams, including the Nike track and field team use chiropractors regularly to help their pro-athletes stay healthy and reduce time off for injuries. The same applies to weekend running athletes and more serious, dedicated runners. They should strongly consider using chiropractors on a regular basis to help maintain their fitness levels and avoid or reduce injury.

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