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The Arpwave is a revolutionary Class 2, FDA-approved device that will allow you to continue doing or quickly return to the activities that are important to you!....Want to recover quickly like NFL stars Brandon Marshall and Dwight Freeney? 

Whenever there is an injury to a part of the body, cells are damaged, and the electrical charge in the damaged area is changed from a positive polarity to a negative polarity. At first, this is good because it elicits the healing response in the body itself by attracting white blood cells, fibroblasts, and a whole array of healing responses. However, if the negative charge doesn’t dissipate, it causes scar tissue to attach to the muscle tissue. This scar tissue embedded in the muscle fibers takes away from the muscle’s ability to elongate and contract fully, thus weakening the muscle and rendering it less capable of absorbing shock. When this starts happening, the muscles no longer do their job. The result is joint injury to the joints that were being supported by these muscles.

The Arp wave is a proprietary electrical stimulation modality. It uses both direct electrical current as well as a patented bio-electrical current, simultaneously with active range-of-motion and other exercise techniques. This combination of currents facilitates increased effectiveness of the direct current by allowing higher levels of intensity and deeper penetration while minimizing the discomfort. Other electrical stimulation modalities use only an alternating current which is not consistent with the natural direct current that is found in the body. Alternating current causes the muscles to contract like they do when you get a muscle cramp.

As the Arpwave electrical pads are applied to areas of the body only a mild sensation is felt until it passes over, and the direct current passes through, an area that has built up and retained a negative polarity from a previous injury. When the current passes through a scarified area, the person experiences a level of discomfort consistent with the amount of negative charge in that area. As these areas are located, based on the levels of discomfort, the Arpwave machine is able to determine the actual sites where treatment is needed. Often these sites are not where the patient expects them.

Once the Arpwave locates these areas, electrical stimulation pads are attached and the muscle groups receiving treatment are put through a pre-determined range of motions. With each repetition of movement, the discomfort from the flow of current diminishes. The direct current is increased at regular intervals as patient comfort levels allow. This is then repeated: the patient goes through specific movements, their discomfort decreases with each repetition, and the intensity of the direct current is increased at regular intervals. Increasing the current into the affected area is important because the more charge that is put into an affected area, the more that the negative charge build-up and scarring will be dissipated.

The passage of direct current through an area of negatively charged tissue reduces the negative charge build-up which follows injury. As the negative charge is reduced, scar tissue sloughs off the muscle fibers. Because the scar tissue is no longer attached to the muscles, the muscle has increased eccentric motion, or lengthening of the muscles. This causes the muscles to elongate, therefore making them able to contract faster and stronger. Since the muscles are able to contract faster and more forcefully, they are able to better protect the joint(s) that are attached to them, preventing joint injury. The result is a substantial reduction or, more commonly, complete elimination of pain and increased range of motion.

The ARPwave has been approved by the FDA for muscle reeducation, relaxation of muscle spasms, increased local blood circulation, maintaining and increasing range of motion (a partial list of what the ARPwave does), which helps stop pain associated with many different injuries!

Due to the nature of the way it helps, in assisting the body to “heal itself”, the Arpwave has had a lot of success with different injuries/ailments, including:

  • Torn ACL/ACL injuries – World class athletes like Adrian Peterson of the Minnesota Vikings, as well as many other people have recovered from torn ACL, and have avoided the expense of acl surgery, with all its inherent risks. Rehab from an ACL tear is possible without surgery with the Arp wave!
  • Neck surgery-recover in record time like Peyton Manning of the Denver Broncos did using the ARPwave.
  • Tennis injuries-Novak Djokovic uses the ARPwave to stay on top of the USTA.
  • Knee surgery – If you are wearing a knee brace, or need surgery on your knees, the Arpwave program is a sensible and cost effective solution to knee surgery.
  • Partial knee Surgery – Sometimes partial knee surgery is a set up for a total knee replacement. The Arpwave trainer is an effective alternative to surgery.
  • Knee surgery recovery – Even for those who have already had knee surgery, the Arpwave assists in much quicker recovery times by helping the cartilage to repair in record time.
  • Ankle injuries-recover quickly like Jay Cutler of the Chicago Bears and Dwight Freeney of the Indiana Colts as they swear by this machine to help them recover and get back in the game quickly.
  • Hip surgery – It most likely will be avoided with the Arpwave.
  • Hip surgery recovery – Help speed up recovery with the Arpwave.
  • Carpal Tunnel Syndrome – avoid costly and risky carpal tunnel surgery with the Arpwave. Record healing times have been achieved.
  • Lower/Low Back Pain – The Arp wave will find the cause of the pain, and the online or clinic protocol guide will assist in your specified treatment of that pain. Most people feel results in the first session!
  • Herniated Disc – Don’t risk unnecessary surgery without trying the Arpwave.
  • Pain – The Arpwave has been successful in resolving or stopping many kinds of pain. No longer resort to harmful drugs to stop pain, when you can fix the problem at its source with the Arpwave!