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For pain related to nerve compression and impingement, electrodiagnostics are cutting edge tools that can possibly identify the source of neuropathy. By locating the abnormality in nerve function, treatment programs can be designed to better target the area and nerve that is causing pain.

In particular, rehabfx in Austin uses technology like Nerve Conduction Studies (also referred to as an NCS) and Electromyography (EMG) to help determine if a nerve is in fact the root cause of pain.

A Nerve Conduction study measures the responses of the sensory and motor nerves to determine if they are functioning properly. Nerve Conduction studies can determine if nerve amplitude and area are affected (ie. axonal loss vs. demyelination). A Nerve Conduction study is one of the measurements in that test series and helps doctors understand problems with nerve signal interruption which are often caused by impingement due factors like a herniated disc in the spine.

Electromyography is another effective method of indirectly determining nerve activity, in this case, as measured by muscle activity to determine if there is root compression and/or radiculopathy. Using pin electrodes that will measure the energy potential being created by a specific muscular unit, the specialist in charge of the test can compare those measurements to more average results, making a judgment on whether or not there is nerve or muscular damage.

If you are experiencing burning, numbness, pins & needles or another pain that seems nerve-related, rehabfx is here to help. Give us a call today and get the help you need!