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Sports Injury

Sports Injuries are common, not just among professional athletes but anyone with an active lifestyle. Sports related injuries can vary, you can suffer a sports injury in the neck, back, shoulder, knee or ankle, to name a few areas. Most people around you would probably recommend painkillers and extensive allopathic care (ie. injections or surgery), but the experts of rehabFX humbly wish to differ!

We are a leading Austin clinic for finding a soccer chiropractor, where we focus on the actual cause of the pain and injury and use the basics of chiropractic care for healing. Sports injuries can impact the performance of the athlete, but the solutions are not limited to just drugs and surgery. Remember, when collegiate and professional athletes suffer an injury, if they can continue playing with that injury they will opt for conservative treatment as surgery will keep them on the sidelines longer and some medications will not allow them to pass a urinalysis test. The human body has the capability to heal itself when the correct approach and right tools are used. Our experts will create the environment for your body to heal faster, without taking those painkillers.

No matter whether you are looking for help with general injuries or need to find a football chiropractor, we are here to offer our assistance. We work with patients using therapies such as ARPWave therapy. New York Jets wide receiver, Brandon Marshall has appeared on the NFL Network stating he uses ARPWave extensively as it is an integral part of his daily regimen to recover and remain injury free. Atlanta Falcons defensive end, Dwight Freeney has used ARPWave in the past to recover from a serious career ending injury and surgery, just like Adrian Peterson, running back for the Minnesota Vikings when he tore his ACL, he also used ARPWave to return to the football field quickly. Our experts will offer a customized plan for treatment, whether it includes ARPWave, cold laser therapy or non-surgical spinal decompression, so you can achieve maximum benefit in the least amount of time, returning you quickly to your sport of choice.

Also, our running chiropractor will focus on proper alignment and balance, so that the typical running injuries(ie. runner’s knee, plantar fasciitis or IT Band Syndrome) can be avoided. With several of our patients we perform radiographic bone length studies to make sure your legs and hips are the same length. This is considered the gold standard in the medical literature, dating back to 1924. If there is a leg length discrepancy, we can help you with that. Running is such an important part of most, if not all sports. Making sure your feet are biomechanically correct is imperative to your performance. This includes shock absorption, shock attenuation, properly supporting all 3 arches in the foot (yes, there are 3!) and making sure the 26 bones in each foot is doing its job properly. We achieve this by using a laser foot scanner that is accurate to within 300 microns, the width of 2 hairs on your head, to fit you with individualized orthotics. Apart from basic chiropractic, sports injury treatments might include:

  • Therapeutic massage – This is used for healing the strain/sprain, and for reducing swelling around the area.
  • ARPWave therapy – This is used to speed up the healing process. Our lacrosse chiropractor will talk to the patient in detail about the scope and nature of this treatment.
  • Exercise – This may include individual exercises, yoga and even Pilates to strengthen the muscles. With the right treatment, you can also expect to see a change in the range of motion and activities.
  • Spinal Decompression – This is used to bring fluid, nutrients and blood to discs in the neck and low back. This is popular with the football players, given all the contact they are subjected to.
  • Sports taping – This is used to either support a joint without diminishing range of motion or to decrease inflammation and improve lymphatic drainage. You’ve probably seen abasketball chiropractor apply this to a players shoulder or knee while watching the Olympics.
  • Cold Laser therapy – This is used to decrease inflammation and increase blood flow.
  • Extremity Manipulation – this is where we make sure the bones and joints of an extremity are working properly. Think about it for a second, if you twist your ankle while running, do you think the ligaments, tendons and muscles are the only thing that are injured? OR when a volleyball chiropractor must treat a player’s shoulder injury.During those treatment sessions, it is important to make sure the shoulder blade (aka scapula), arm (aka humerus) and clavicle (especially since it is the only bony attachment your shoulder has with the rest of your body) are all moving and working properly or else the shoulder will not be properly fixed, even though you’ve treated the muscles, tendons and ligaments in the area. Remember, they are attached to bones which get pulled in different directions during these injuries. So, it only makes sense that these bones and joints might need rehabilitative corrective care also.

If you have any questions, feel free to write to us. We will be more than happy to offer input on your condition. Visit our clinic now!